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For over 40 years, United Philippine Lines has provided manpower to your enterprise. Today, we are proud to provide so much more. Few other companies understand the global need for expertise, scalability and value in manning solutions.

UPL ensures a tailor-fit match for each customer’s requirement, using a deep bench of available expertise. Along with our constantly-enhanced resources for IT, training and development, we are designed to allow specific manpower solutions for our customers’ very specific needs.

UPL puts technology and partnerships to work for you   :

By offering exciting value-added services that round out our manpower solutions, we give our customers a distinct edge. With IT-enablement and a supply backbone that provides all the auxiliary requirements--from uniforms to data processing—we make our technology and our partnerships immediately available to the progressive enterprise.

UPL goes top-to-bottom for your bottom line :

For us, formulating solutions begins with the customer’s problems. Our depth of experience gives us a similarly deep perspective of shipping trends and concerns--from technology and training to safety and security.

Allow us to answer your problems--by creating custom solutions :

Nothing excites us more than formulating solutions for our clients needs. And after 40 years in the industry, we realize that one customer is entirely different from another. That ís why our solutions are unique and far-reaching. Would you like to hear more? Send us an email at mailadmin@uplines.net.



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